Friday, 19 April 2013

Sweet Drawstring Bag

I decided to make Lily a little drawstring bag after seeing this one from s.o.t.ak handmade. It was the perfect opportunity to use this sweet retro inspired fabric (though I love The Big Apple range by Benartex that Svetlana used!). I adore the hula hooping children and was thrilled when Lily gave her approval for me to make her something with it (no pinks or extremely girly fabrics for her!).

I teamed it up with a retro red floral and am very pleased with how it turned out. So pleased in fact that I have pulled two more fabric combinations from my stash to make some more. I had hoped to have made a few items in preparation for Christmas this year, but have not added anything. Two little drawstring bags would be perfect for the Christmas box.

The tutorial  made a slightly bigger bag with a strap. As I only had a small piece of the hula hoop fabric (about a fat quarter) I omitted the strap and used the following measurements for a finished bag of 9.5" x 10".

Exterior: 2 rectangles 10" x 12"
Lining:   2 rectangles 10" x 12"
Casing:  2 rectangles  3" x 8.5"
Ties:      2 strips 2" x 30"

Once you have your fabric cut, it is a very quick project to put together (made even quicker if you have your iron close by!). Svetlana's tutorial is wonderful - clear, easy to follow instructions with great photos of each step.

Zoe hasn't seen the bag yet - I am anticipating a request for one for her. Girls collect lots of treasures and are always in need of somewhere to safely keep them!

I think these would also make beautiful birthday treat bags!


  1. Love it! Would also be good for a library bag for school if it was made a little bigger.

    1. Actually, it would be perfect for a library bag. Great idea!

  2. That is a cute bag! And look at all those limes!

    1. Thanks Nicole - I thoroughly enjoyed making this. Svetlana's tutorial is fabulous. It's nice to have a quick project that can be completed from start to finish in a short time (and such a cute one at that!). The bag is actually hanging in one of my lemon trees - they are taking a while to ripen!!


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