Saturday, 27 April 2013

And Sew On

This is my April block for the And Sew On BOM (aptly named Snip It Real Good) hosted by Kristy.  I really enjoy these monthly blocks!

Follow the link to have a look at some more Snip It Real Good blocks!


  1. Oh, cut it out!! You're too clever!!

  2. I love it!!! One of these days I might have to find some time to do more paper piecing :)

    1. This one was easier than the block for March (though I'm guessing all the easy ones are now done and Kristy is going to unleash the tricky ones!).

  3. Thank you, I love that its 10 inch, this does build my confidence. This is a perfect mini gift for my Cross-stitch retreat project.

  4. Oh looking good! And yes - trickier blocks ahead! Sorry! hehehehe


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