Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sock Bunny

In the washing basket...where socks are frequently found!
Around Easter time I showed Zoe these cute sock bunnies from Lil Blue Boo. While we were far too busy to even think about one during Easter, Zoe whipped up this little cutie during the week!

The tutorial uses knee high socks. However, as Australia is still enjoying warm weather (yes - even in Autumn!), when we looked for knee high socks the only ones to be found were a pair of black ones. Neither Zoe or I were keen on a black sock bunny (where's the fun in that?), so we opted for some stripey crew socks from Kmart (great value - about $5 for three or four pairs of socks. Don't I have a fabulous memory?!).

Anyhoo, isn't this bunny cute? Using knee high socks would make it's legs longer, but it is still fine proportionately.

As the winter socks begin to roll in to the stores here we might come across some happy knee high socks to make a few more. They were quick and easy (and Eli has started telling everyone - except Zoe -  that Zoe is going to make him a sock bunny. I think he wants a sock bunny!).

So, if you see any happy, good value knee high socks in Australia please let me know!


  1. Super cute! Not sure about WA, but here in NSW, you can often find cool and funky socks in those temporary stalls in shopping centres.

  2. That little sock bunny is SOOOOO cute!!!! I love it!! I think his short legs are perfect but it will be fun to see a long legged friend too.

  3. That's definitely the cutest sock bunny I've ever seen :*) Fun!!!


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