Friday, 6 February 2015

what teachers really do

I began this blog post last week, but appear to have been swept up in the current of the new school year. While I miss not having Eli at home with me a few days a week, I am making good use of my time, working hard on some things (nothing that involves a sewing machine or fabric!) that have been waiting for a very long time!

Today is the last day of the summer school holidays. Most of us are excited about starting the new school year; Eli will be attending full time and Jed is starting high school.

All the uniform clothing has been labelled, books sorted, bags packed and lunchboxes readied to be filled on Monday. I'm not that thrilled about making four lunchboxes every day, though I willingly do it for my children. Yes kids, I love you so I feed you!

As the school holidays come to and end I thought I'd share something that Zoe made at the beginning of this gloriously long holiday break. It's a book entitled What Teachers Really Do At School.

It made me laugh. I hope you do too (unless you are a teacher exactly like the one in Zoe's book. If you are, you won't be laughing. You will be annoyed that you have been exposed.).
I've taught a few classes over the years where a bed to rest and recuperate afterwards would have been in order!
What? There are cakes in the staff room? Why didn't I know about this?
Zoe was clearly ready for some time away from school, don't you think?

I had a little chat with her just to make sure that everything is fine. And it is. And also to assure her that I am nothing like her fictitious teacher when I am 'Mrs Masson'!!


  1. This is so funny!!! I love that teachers sneak off to eat cakes. What a funny book!! I can't stop laughing!!

  2. Hahahahaha!! That is hilarious! Thanks so much sharing :)


  3. Hahahaha, Zoe is hilarious!! Love it!! ;-)

  4. very good.... so funny

  5. It's in writing so it must all be true!!! That is certainly one to keep.

    Happy days.

  6. Such an hilarious piece of writing. What a clever and funny imagination Zoe has. I'm so glad Zoe put me right about teachers....I always wondered what they were up to when photocopying.

  7. oh Jeneta - that is super-funny!! I love the texting theory... we spied a teacher doing it in her car on Friday arvo, so my son stared at her until she looked up & noticed she'd been busted!!
    Keep that book!!

  8. Priceless!!
    Her funny cartoon work is fab . . .

    She forgot one . . when teachers wear dark glasses on yard duty, they actually have their eyes shut and are dreaming of white sands and palm trees and mojitos. :)


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