Thursday, 12 February 2015

what are these?

Can you guess what these are?
No, not frisbees. Yes, they are edible. Here's another clue.
These are not my creations, though they were made in the kitchen. This is a photo of Jed adding some more 'bits' with royal icing.
I order my disposable icing bags from ebay. Not surprisingly they come from China. It was exciting watching Jed trying to read the Chinese characters written on the outside of each icing bag. I look forward to hearing Jed speak fluent Mandarin one day!
Whilst you may be correct in guessing that these are giant biscuits, they are even more than that. 
They are representations of cells. The round one is an animal cell and the square one is a plant cell. Of course! I can hear you say.
 These enormous biscuits - the recipe is by Bridget Edwards and can be found HERE - were transported to Jed's Science classroom this morning. Part of Jed's assignment required that the cell organelles (or parts of the cell) be presented in some way. The actual assignment sheet provided some suggestions, including making large biscuits.  Now, I would like to think that Jed decided upon biscuits to combine his scholastic ability with his baking skills. However, the reality is that he knows how good these biscuits taste and how appreciative his friends would be if they could be eaten after Science!
 Jed not only has a good knowledge of cell organelles but will also be very appreciative of all decorated biscuits from now on!

And the best part? I have biscuit dough left over. Yay!


  1. Hilarious! And yummy.
    Guess there wasn't time to do a cell-inspired applique quilt :)

  2. I was going to say mitochondria. Close but not quite. What great fun. I am sure he will always remember that lesson.

  3. These are such a brilliant idea and such a clever way to learn about cells. They look so yummy too. Have you all been trying to think of other cookie based lessons so you can make more?

  4. Science projects you can eat.... genius!!!! As soon as I saw the first few squiggles I guessed cells. :)



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