Tuesday, 10 February 2015

quilting bees

The block I chose to be made by everyone in the bee.
After a great experience participating in a quilting bee in 2013 I decided it was time to go again.

I was so keen that I signed up for two. And signed up a friend for one as well!
One of the quilting bees I am participating in is being hosted by Angie at GnomeAngel and Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts. It is called The Bee Hive Quilting Bee. More on that later when I've actually sewn this month's block! It will look something like this:
Star Plus quilt block
Star Plus paper pieced block. Photo from Kristy at Quiet Play.
I have, however, completed this month's block for the Quilt Club Australia Bee #1. And it was not fun! There aren't a lot of patterns or projects that I have sewn that I have not enjoyed, but this was one of them. One of the aspects of participating in a bee that I like is sewing blocks that I wouldn't otherwise attempt or am interested in. From that point of view it was a good experience.
This block is called Interlocking Seasons and the tutorial we were asked to follow is found at The Parfait Cafe. We were also asked to use soft chocolate brown for the background, a soft pastel grey green for the inner ring and soft pastel pinky corals for the outer rings. These are not my colours at all, so it took me a while to audition fabrics. I really felt the responsibility of making something for someone else!
I found this block very fiddly and, truth be told, I don't like it. I prefer blocks that are more proportionate in their fiddliness-to-finished-outcome ratio. I do, however, think these blocks will make a lovely quilt.

So that makes this a great bee block because the Queen Bee doesn't have to make a whole quilt top of fiddly blocks! So clever. I'm on the hunt for the perfect bee block. Any suggestions? I'm considering a block that I have designed myself. What do you think? Shall I give you a sneak preview?


  1. Wow.....I be that took a bit of time to stitch. Don't you like it....really?? I must say I am impressed with your block. Belonging to a bee quilt does sound like a whole heap of fun.

  2. Will be clapping your progress as you churn through the year's blocks . . as you have started off with an amazingly wonderful swap with this one.
    Well done . . it looks so difficult! The background fabric makes iit sparkle beautifully! . . and the piecing is so precise. Yay Jeneta!

  3. I think it's lovely :-) And I agree that it's very clever to choose a fiddly block so that you don't have to make them all yourself, haha!! Yes please, we need a sneak peak!! :-)

  4. oh, fiddly indeed, Jeneta!
    well done on doing such a gorgeous one, despite your dislike of it x

  5. I love that block that weaves in and out. If I had to make one I might not like it so much It looks a bit tricky. Of course it would be great if you used a block you designed yourself!! Go for it!


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