Monday, 3 February 2014

Chugging Along {cushion}

When Esther who blogs at ipatch put out a call for pattern testers for a paper pieced train block I just couldn't resist putting up my hand. Eli is a train fanatic, so I knew that he'd be excited as soon as I mentioned the word 'train'.
I was right. As soon as I had finished the train block (or locomotive as referred to by Esther, who is clearly more refined than me!) Eli wanted to carry it around with him. Um, no. I'm not quite finished with it.
 I also tested another of Esther's lovely blocks - a passenger car.
After removing all the bits of paper from the back of each block (my least favourite task in the paper piecing process) I put them together to make Eli a cushion.

A simple envelope back and biscuits inside!
Eli loves his new cushion. Thank you Esther!
 Esther's patterns will be appearing here if you would like to make your own train. She also has other blocks (caboose, coal car, water tower and others!) to complete the whole train 'scene'!


  1. What a cute, cute project. Love your cushion, Jeneta. Adorabe design......adorable colours!! Every little boy would want to steal this one!!

  2. Love it!! And how artistic to photograph your projects in the tree ... I should remember to do that sometime!

  3. What a fun pattern and it looks gorgeous as a cushion. It must be Eli's favourite possesion for now.

  4. Hello Jeneta!
    Wow, it is a real beauty! I adore the fact that you turned the two blocks into a pillow. How cute! I forsee some pillow sets in the future: rearrangeing the pillows means rearranging the train!
    Thank you very much for testing the pattern for me!
    Lots of hugs,
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com


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