Friday, 7 February 2014


Eli started kindergarten this week. In Western Australia 4 year old children are provided with the opportunity to attend kindergarten for five days a fortnight. Compulsory, full time schooling begins at age five with a year of preprimary, followed by year one. Eli hasn't attended school before, but with three older siblings he is very familiar (and very comfortable!) with school. Eli is very affectionate and loves to greet teachers with a loud "hello" and a squeezy hug. Almost everyone knows his name. Probably because he introduces himself.

The perfect kindy shoes; no laces.
During the week Eli attended two half day sessions, before starting full days of kindy next week. He has been excited about starting school from the moment we arrived home from our big holiday. I have been excited for him too, though part of me wants to squash him up and not let him grow any more. I love having him around. We are good friends.

In the days leading up to Eli starting school I felt a range of emotions. Eli is the youngest of my four children, so all of his 'firsts' will be the last for me. I was reminiscing on the array of cute behaviours that Eli has as a four year old. The mispronunciation of words such as 'mouthguard' instead of 'lifeguard'. 'Eye tacks' instead of 'contacts' (Jed wears contacts). 'Sea guile' instead of 'seagull' (they don't seem to have a lot of guile if you have a hot chip in your hands!), 'yat' instead of 'that' (we're working on the 'th' sound. It's the only time that I have encouraged any of my children to stick out their tongue) and 'baby feed thing' for 'nipple' (this came about when he was trying to tell me that one of his nipples was a bit sore from his rash top).
 I particularly love his term of endearment for me. Each one of my children has called me Mamma. Each one has also then called me by my first name around the age of three and a half. Eli was no different. Except that he added an extra stage. He calls me sweetheart. And I love it. I don't even mind hearing him call out "Sweetheart, sweetheart. Can you wipe my bottom?".
A bit of craft before going to kindy today. Because you never have too much practice at tearing off sticky tape.
Eli has loved his introduction to kindergarten. And I have been fine. I haven't even started talking to myself. Yet.


  1. I love the way little children speak and the precious grammatically incorrect stories they write. A little bit of me has always thought that it is such a pity that they go to school and learn to speak correctly and how to write 'the proper way'!! Some of my treasured possessions are the cute stories my little girls wrote. Eli sounds as if he has this going to school thing down for his Mamma....she will be just fine....just think of all those lovely 'pretties' that she can whip up!! Just as a li'l aside.....Eli's teacher is probably rubbing her hands with absolute there will more than likely be a gorgeous quilt gifted to her at the end of the school year!!

  2. these times are so precious .. even when they are driving you crazy xx I find that I am reliving and enjoying them all over again as a grandma ... or BONma as my oldest grandson has always called me x

  3. Awwww, what a lovely blog post! He is such a sweetheart ... and he does give the best squeezy hugs ever!

  4. I've so enjoyed reading this beautiful post. It's wonderful to hear Eli is enjoying kindy, and great to hear you've been fine. I think it's okay to talk to yourself as long as no one hears you.

  5. **sob** . . . been there. . . . but it is such a privilege to watch their next steps in life.
    "The Adventures of our Children" . . .lucky us Mums!
    Eli sounds like a Darling. He'll grow out of those shoes in no time.... but he'll never grow out of his lovely Mama!

  6. Such cuteness! I miss those days :(

  7. Love reading your post, my daughter has four girls with sophie in year two , emily in kindergarten and tahlia wishing she could ( not yet 21/2 ) and mia six month


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