Tuesday, 4 February 2014

FAL 2014 {finish}

 These three fabrics were on my Finish Along list for the first quarter of 2014 (I really love the grey on grey dots. It goes without saying that the London themed fabric is simply charming).
My brother in law and his wife arrive from London next week, so it made sense that I finish their cushion cover ahead of any other unfinished projects on my list. Never mind that it was also the smallest project!
 Lily assisted me with the layout of the front. Her suggestion of a thin dark frame around the London feature fabric mirrored my thoughts exactly.
I'm not convinced that the black and white back suits the front, but I am not changing it regardless of my feelings. It's on there and it's staying on there (though the recipients may do what they like with it of course). My original thinking was that the embroidered motifs somewhat resembled the London Eye. I think it's the white that is putting my off, given that the faint beige text in the background of the London fabric gives it a beige appearance. Never mind. It is the back of the cushion after all!


  1. Rule Britannia!! How divine is that british grenadier fabric!! My, you and Lily are completely insync. I love the back....but then I love the look of embroidery. Besides, as you say, it is the back and of course they will be so blown over by the front, that everything else will pale into insignificance!! These gorgeous cushions of yours are becoming a habit, Jeneta!!

  2. Hmmmm, it's hard to tell from the three photos on the front just how 'beige' or 'white' the front is. In the first photo it looks whiter than in the third photo. You didn't have enough grey dots for the back?? I just love that fabric!! I agree that the embroidered motifs look like the London Eye - great thinking!

  3. You are such a cushion queen!! I love all the fabrics you have used, they were all meant to be together. The embroidered fabric really does look like the London eye, you are so clever to notice that. I think it's great that Lily helped you with the layout.

  4. I love your fabric choices on the front of the cushion. But then I love "black, white, and red".


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