Friday, 23 August 2013

Another Messenger Bag

Are you getting sick of seeing these? My girls have only just realised that, despite making quite a few of these,  I haven't actually made them one yet! Both of them have birthdays coming up in the next four months. As they are my 'go to' birthday gift I think I will make each of them a bag for their birthday. Hopefully they will be surprised (though some oddly shaped wrapping should take care of that!).

This one is for my niece who turned 15 on the weekend. I bought the flap fabric (a furnishing fabric - there are some beautiful and exciting furnishing fabrics around - I think I love them all!) toward the beginning of the year when I was buying some batting. I happened to walk past it and immediately thought of my niece. I knew that I'd be making her a bag for her next birthday, so I popped it in the pile of bag-making-fabrics where it stayed until a week ago. I sent my sister a photo of the fabric before starting, just to check that I was on the right track with my fabric selection. What was really lovely for me was when my sister reminded me that when my niece was a little girl she would gently 'catch' butterflies on her hand. She loves butterflies! So I had chosen the perfect fabric. Does that mean that I'm a really great Aunty (or not, because I didn't remember!)?

Eli's zip!
I used a black denim for the strap, outer and inner body and the zip that Eli chose for the inner zippered pocket. I think Eli has an eye for colour!

One of these days I'll do a tutorial for one of these - they are so easy!

My niece loved the bag, so again, I am absolutely thrilled!

My next project is to complete the charity quilt that I am making with Christine's scraps as part of her Scrap Bag Challenge.

What do you think my quilt will look like? The top is three quarters finished and it is only small, so it should be finished very soon...


  1. Gorgeous fabric!! Your niece will love stepping out with her "oh so stylish" bag slung over her shoulder!!

  2. NOPE .. not getting fed up of seeing them xx wonderful xx

  3. that is really a beautiful bag. Lucky niece!

  4. I'm not sick of seeing your bags, they're always so different in the different fabrics you choose. This will be beautiful for your niece. Looking forward to seeing your scrappy quilt.

  5. NEVER!! I absolutely LOVE that butterfly print - such a perfect choice :-) You could easily sell these, they are so great :-)

  6. I absolutely love this one.

  7. LOVE this bag! It's just gorgeous! Oh and you're totally a good aunty :)

    Is the pattern for the bag one of your own? I think this is a fab idea as a go-to gift!

  8. I love your messenger bags! And I can't wait for the tutorial :) I tried my hand at a messenger bag recently. It didn't turn out so great. Let's just say you won't be seeing any pictures.


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