Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A finish!

 I finally finished this small quilt! Years and years ago I bought a few jelly rolls from Spotlight. This was way back in the day when I didn't even know that these coordinated strips of fabric were even called jelly rolls! I am such a fan of precuts and love everything from charm packs to layer cakes. While I really like the fabric in this sweet little quilt, I didn't appreciate working with the wonkiness of the strips! These strips of fabric were not cut very precisely which made it difficult to put the blocks together. Combined with not trimming the blocks before sewing them all together (I put that down to leaving it for months and months before working on it again - I thought I had trimmed the blocks!) the top is not the neatest. Points do not always meet, but I love it!

I love the sweet little mushroom fabric!
I will, however, stick to my favourite and trusted fabric manufacturers and avoid poorly cut jelly rolls in the future! And when I get around to finishing this quilt's twin (in a blue colourway!) I will definitely be trimming my blocks. It's always good to learn from mistakes!

And the pieced back!
I used this tutorial by Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Co which is based on a pattern by 3Dudes. I used left over fabric from this quilt for the backing. I suggested to my family that we keep this on standby for the next baby girl to be born to family or friends, however Zoe was adamant that we keep it. It wasn't difficult to convince me!

So, do you like jelly rolls? What have you made with them?


  1. I am some what of a jelly roll addict! I use the strips I sort of dont like so much as binding strips .. I LOVE log cabin and they are perfect for those blocks .. ANY quilt that calls for 2.5 blocks is fair game .. I use them as border strips and sashing strips ... oh! the list is endless x have fun x

  2. I have a jelly roll and a honey bun still in their cellophane wrapping! I don't like the 'pinked' edges - you get fluff all over yourself when you handle the strips and I don't find them very accurate to put together. I have looked at jelly rolls in various quilt shops and I would only purchase those that are wrapped in cellophane. Sometimes you see jelly rolls that look like they have been sitting on the shelf for years! all raggy and very sad looking! I love using 2-1/2" strips for bag making and that's where I would use a jelly roll. A bag pattern is more forgiving than a quilt pattern! :-)

    Your quilt is lovely!

  3. What a wonderful quilt! Such sweet fabrics, though isn't it a shame when you get fabrics that haven't been cut properly. I love those Missouri Star Quilt Co tutorials, I love the way they make everything look so easy.

  4. what a lovely little quilt! Well done.

  5. You are so good at choosing colours that go well together! :-)

  6. I am with you - I do not like jellyrolls at all! I hate that you have to trim them! I thought the whole purpose was to make cutting out easier - if anything it makes it harder! But I will admit, they look so pretty all wrapped up for sale! Your quilt is very very pretty! You did a fabulous job!

  7. I haven't made anything with jelly rolls, actually. I have always been curious! Maybe I'll give it a shot someday :) Your quilt is lovely!


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