Saturday, 2 February 2013

Green Surprise

Our green surprise!
Yesterday we picked a big rockmelon from our garden with the intention of eating it. Unfortunately a very ravenous creature got to it first and it was riddled with big holes! The chickens were delighted with their unexpected treat, though we felt a little disappointed. Just as we were about to turn away we spied this big, stripy green zucchini hiding under the enormous leaves! I vaguely remember planting some zucchini (though I can't remember whether it was seedlings or seeds - seeds I think and some out-of-the-ordinary variety), but have been so busy with other things that it has grown unnoticed.

Admittedly I'm a little more excited about our zucchini than the children, but they are still pretty pleased that it came from our garden!


  1. Nice! That's huge! Can't wait for summer....can I come visit for awhile until it turns warm here? :)

  2. Shame about your Rockmelon, I can just imagine the happy chickens enjoying their surprise treat. Cool zuchinni!! We've had some big ones too, I was all for leaving 1 on the plant to see how big it would grow. Phil made stuffed zucchinis with ours. He's picking them smaller these days. We're having a bumper crop of tomatoes too.

  3. Tim suggested I make stuffed zucchini, though I was wondering how that would go with children (because it looks so much like a zucchini!). I think I'd have a 50% strike rate! Might still give it a go and see how well it's received (though I do love minestrone soup!).


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