Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bee Blocks, Eggs and Quilt Backs

The last few weeks have been a little more hectic than usual, mostly because the new school year brings a lot of change. It usually takes my younger children a number of weeks (sometimes a whole term!) to settle in to the routine of a new teacher. Lily is now in year 1 and is a lot more tired at the end of the day than she was in pre primary. I think this has taken her by surprise, though she is managing very well. As a result of children getting back into the routine at school, as well as our routine at home, I have had very little time 'left over' to sit down and enjoy some sewing.

Tonight, however, I treated myself to some time at the machine, cutting mat and ironing board! First up was to finish my block commitments.
This 'Annie's Choice' block is on its way to Ann in Nova Scotia.
Broken Herringbone block in orange.
And in red! Both of these are going to Joshua
I LOVE the look of these Broken Herringbone blocks. The tutorial is great, though I will admit to not being keen to make any more than the two blocks that Joshua requested! I had to concentrate a little too hard for my liking when making these, though the second block was easier once I had done the first. It is the perfect bee block - everyone makes them for you and you end up with a beautiful quilt top!

I finally finished the January block for the Riley Blake Block of the Month. As its now at the end of the month I think I'll leave February and do it at the same time as the March block! I don't really like being behind, but this is probably the best use of my time.
January Riley Blake BOM
I also managed to piece a quilt back for this sweet little lap quilt. I love those mushrooms! I have the same quilt top in blue waiting to be finished. They'll make a lovely pair.

Nearly ready for quilting!
Earlier in February I sent off this 'Let It Snow' block to Diane in the UK. I chose this block as I wanted to make something that was a little bit special. Australian fabric and quilt designer Sarah Fielke designed the block, though I chose to use traditional Christmas colours for Diane.
Sarah's tutorial is great - I really enjoyed trying something new and am pleased with how it turned out.

It has been immensely hot here, with quite a few days of temperatures over 40C (104F). I am so very grateful for the swimming pool and our air conditioning! Unfortunately I think at least one of our poor chickens has been a little sapped of energy during the heat. We discovered a tiny egg trying to hold its own next to the large ones that we collect each day.

The little egg on the right is on a teaspoon while the 'regular' sized egg is sitting on a dessert spoon. Both eggs tasted the same!!

So, if you don't live in Western Australia, what is the weather like where you are?


  1. my beautiful block is on the design (well bedroom!) wall x I have to have a very special project for it xx

  2. You've been SO busy!!! Love every single one of your blocks :) It's been mostly rainy here in Oregon, but today was beautiful! The sun was shining, and it was around 50 degrees ( about 10 degrees Celsius?)

    1. So a little cool, but not uncomfortable! By the end of summer I find that I'm looking forward to that kind of weather. For now, I am happy to make the most of the pool each day. I was so pleased to finish off a few things. I think I'm a more relaxed person when I am able to sew regularly - perhaps its the mix of creating something as well as being able to sit still and think about 'life' at the same time.

  3. LOVE all those blocks, what beautiful colours. What a funny little egg!! Was it from a little chicken, or just a tired, it's-too-hot, can't be bothered chicken?? Cause I know how she feels!! :-)

    1. Haha - a tired, it's-too-hot, can't be bothered chicken!! I am SO glad I don't have to lay an egg each day!!! It's funny, we have three chickens, so we should get 3 eggs a day. Friends that got their chickens the same time as us always have an egg each day from each chicken. We have always got about 9 eggs every 4 days. I think one chicken has always been a bit behind and I'm guessing its whoever laid the tiny egg! It was a very cute little egg - the photos don't really show the comparison well. We all laughed when we saw it!

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  5. I love the broken herringbone blocks! You did a great job on them. What a fun pattern, too.
    I think it would make a beautiful quilt. 40 degree days? I'm surprised all your chickens aren't too hot to lay eggs at all :)
    Over here on the east coast we had the low pressure storm with strong rain, winds and flooding.

  6. Those broken herringbone blocks are beautiful, but I won't be rushing to make more anytime soon! Isn't it amazing that we can have such entirely different weather whilst living in the same country. Just goes to show how vast Australia is.

  7. Thats a fantastic block..I hope I am your partner one day! LOL! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks for your very kind comment Julianne!


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