Saturday, 16 January 2016

finish along 2016 {quarter1}

2016 FAL

Well, I'm ready to get back into routine! This is the last day to declare my Finish Along list for the first quarter of the year so I'm scrambling a post together so as not to miss out.

I'm keeping it simple. Which hopefully means achievable.

So, this is it:
1. Grab bag. I cut out two and completed one for a friend. The second has been sitting next to my sewing machine waiting.
2. Star Wars Quilt. This quilt is going to appear on every list until it's done. I'm not going to say anything else. Just that this quilt is taking an embarrassingly long time to complete.
 3. Twirly Wirly flimsy. I really need to turn this top into a quilt. The flimsy and backing fabric are all ready for basting.
4.  Table tent. This is 99% finished. One window needs a border and then it's done!
5. Trip Around the World quilt. I am certain everyone is tired of seeing this one!

Well, I know this is not a terribly exciting post, but I am excited about the new year. I would like to finish these projects (and others) so that I can start some more!! 

I have caught up on my bee block commitments and look forward to receiving some blocks in the mail this month (I am Queen Bee!). 

I'll leave you with a Granny Square block and a Quatrefoil block.
Do you have any goals or hopes for 2016?


  1. Great work. I still love your Star Wars foundation pieced quilt. It will be awesome when finished & will never go out of date
    Hugs Sandra

  2. Yes, I also have a Scrappy Trips Quilt on my list... it is my top priority. And that Star Wars Quilt is going to be awesome no matter how long it takes! Good Luck finishing!

  3. The grab bag is cute, I do not think I have seen that bag. Look forward to seeing your finishes!

  4. I was only wondering about you the other day, Jeneta. It is lovely to have a bo peep at your loving makes in progress.The Star Wars quilt is amazing. How cool is that going to look when finished. Your grab bag is the fabric. I imagine the table tent is going to provide so much fun and imaginative play in your household. It's great to see what you have been up to. Happy sewing!

  5. Just came across your blog. Love the star wars quilt. Is it a pattern or your own design?

  6. Ahh your Papillon Trip around the world will be lovely....anxious to see the finish as I have a fat quarter bundle of the fabric waiting for a project. Lots of variety on your list. Best wishes for all your finishes.! Janita

  7. That tent is amazing. . . . And the star wars quilt . . . .and everything else . . keep going Jeneta!
    I too signed up (via IG) . . .Not cos I want to win prizes (my cupboards are full as it is!) .. . . But because I need some sort of motivation to get my UFO's under control. When I listed them (to myself) I was sooooo embarrassed .
    Good Luck . . we can do this!!!

  8. so you have your own UFO list.... I love your trip around the world ....
    and the grab bag.... that looks so useful and fun... where did you find the pattern please?

  9. That list will keep you busy, all the projects look wonderful so they'll be fun to work on. The tent idea is so clever!! I look forward to seeing one you make.

  10. Fun to see your list. Good luck!


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