Saturday, 14 November 2015

It's been so long!

 It's been so long since I have been here that I'd almost forgotten I had a blog!

I am teaching a glorious year 2 class full time and I absolutely love it. It is a bit tiring though. And I have a lot less time for everything else. But I love it!

I have managed to do a few bits and pieces, including these two bunting blocks that I have chosen as my bee block when my turn comes up.

I have kept up with my monthly bee blocks for others, but I haven't kept up with downloading photos of each of them. I'll have to save those for later.

Instead, how about a few photos of things that I made before I became super busy?

 This grab bag was not my favourite bag during construction, but I loved it once it was finished. I gifted it to friend and have another part way through construction for myself. The outer fabric is organic cotton and feels beautifully soft.

 I also made two of the one hour baskets that have been popular recently (well, a while ago, but I'm always slow to catch up!). The fabric was gifted to me by a friend, so one went to her and one lives with me.
 During the last school holidays we made some pretzels. They were easy to make and absolutely delicious!

This is the video tutorial we used. We plan to make them again.

 Oh look! I managed to upload a photo of one of the bee blocks I recently sent out!
So, what's been taking up your time recently?


  1. I've missed you!!! Wish you could be my girls' teacher ... they would LOVE it! I love the bunting block (so cute!) and would love to try your pretzels some time. I have also been busy working and organising a seven year old birthday party ... and now Christmas has come into the mix as well. Oh for January school holidays!!!!!

  2. So nice to see you are enjoying life. Shame we didn't ever have that coffee.

  3. That's great you are enjoying your year 2 class. I can imagine it's very exhausting! You're bee blocks are fun, I love the way they are so varied. Making pretzals would have been such a fun thing for you all to make, they do look delicious!

  4. Lovely to catch up on your news Jeneta... I bet those little darlings keep you on your toes!

  5. Oh! Nice Bee block. Hope you get some beautiful ones. . . as I'm sure all your blocks to everyone else have been beautiful.
    Love those pretzels and the "organic" nature of some of them! Bet you're glad the term is nearly over, and hope yoiu can keep up with pre Xmas stuff as well as teach those lucky darlings who have you!

  6. Hi Jeneta,great to hear from you,you sure have been busy my friend,love your blocks and your lovely finishes xx


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