Wednesday, 7 January 2015

zippered pouches

I didn't need to start another project, but my current projects are not ones that can be finished quickly and I needed a little break. So that I will not abandon them completely.

Close friends of ours have had a teenage daughter in hospital for quite some time. We live a long, long way from them and I was feeling quite helpless from so far away. So our family has been mailing little bits and pieces to her; drawings, letters, pyjamas, lip balm.  It was the only thing I could think of that might provide some encouragement and perhaps a smile during difficult hospital days.
When I saw Toni's zippered pouches tutorial I thought that one of these would be ideal to send in the mail. Flat and small, yet still useful and pretty. Much prettier than my terrible photos.

So I made four. I'll send one, one will probably be nabbed by one of my own children and I'll still have two spare. They can go in the present box.

I quilted each pouch front differently and rounded the corners on two of them. I really like the rounded corners.
As part of my production line I cut out all the pieces for each pouch and kept them in separate piles.
And then I noticed something.
Two of these were missing.
I knew I had cut them out, but I couldn't find them anywhere.
And then I found them.
Oh. I cut some more.

I also made another boxy pouch. I adore this tutorial! And I love boxy pouches made from scraps! I think I'll send this one to our recovering girl in a month or two (her recovery will be long) so as not to smother her all at once with too much mail. Hopefully it will be an unexpected surprise that arrives between letters and drawings from he kids.
It's always so lovely to sit back and admire a creation.

Oh, and look what we pulled up out of the garden!

Miracle carrots. My vegetable garden looks terrible right now. I'm amazed that anything edible has come from it. They were turned into some delicious honeyed carrots!

I spied some beetroot that I will pull up and then the whole garden bed needs a good digging up so that I can start again. When the weather is not so hot!


  1. These pouches are so lovely, Jeneta. It is terribly hard to be a long way away from loved ones when they are in hospital; but your pretty pouch is the perfect pick-me-up! Your veggie patch is yielding some lovely surprises there. I love, love, love beetroot. Sending you a wee bit of cooler weather over there in your Summery li'l corner of the world.

  2. Love the zippered pouches - you always pick just the right fabric for your creations! I'm sure they will bring a smile to your friend. If not, then you should send her a photo of your missing pieces of fabric - that's bound to make her giggle, it did me!!

  3. I love your scrappy pouches!! It's so funny that you found your missing pieces, I guess they were shy and wanted to do their bit behind the seams. :)
    They'll make wonderful gifts. I think it's so lovely that your family is sending letters and drawings to cheer your friends daughter up.

  4. What a sweet thing for you to do for your friend's daughter. I'm sure this will cheer her up :) That is so funny about the missing pieces! I've had that boxy pouch tutorial bookmarked for a long time. All of your pouches are so cute! Could you send a little bit of that warm weather to me, please? It's so cold here!

  5. A very lovely thing to do indeed, those will quickly lift her spirits for sure. I adore the fabrics you used as well.


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