Sunday, 2 November 2014

teacher gift idea {tiered plates}

As the end of the school year draws closer we are busy preparing teacher gifts.

These tiered plate stands were inspired by one that was on the counter at one of our local opportunity shops.
Using a clear 'separator' (some kind of tiny glass!) meant that we could still see the pretty flowers in the centre of the plate on the bottom.
We gathered up all the pretty plates that we had and weren't using, as well as picking up a few more from some of the op shops that we I like to visit.

I always set myself a budget, so for this project I spent no more than 50 cents a plate.
 I was very fortunate and picked up some beautiful old plates. I also found some glassware to use to separate the plates.
We added our own little touch to this one with the addition of the little ceramic kitty. You can see the glue in this photo, but it dried clear!
We made two tier plate stands.
And three tiered plate stands.
 Oh look - more kitties!
Plates were separated by crystal vases and miniature bowls.
Some of the painted details on the small plates were just exquisite.
The one and only rule for making these is the type of glue that you use. We used a glue made by Weldbond that specifically states that it will bond to ceramic and glass.

Super glue just won't do the job with these.
We were rather pleased with our creations! Not pictured is a stand where we also glued a cup to the top. It had a hairline crack in it, so it was not able to be used for beverages but is now useful again!

My favourite stands are those where the plates graduate in size from largest to smallest.
Eli's teacher has already received a two tiered plate and loves it!

While I wouldn't recommend using these for food or putting them in the dishwasher, they would make lovely trinket holders on a dresser or mantel.


  1. These are so wonderful!! They are such special and original gifts for teachers! I love the way you've added so little cats and used clear glasses so the designs arent hidden.You've done well to find so many pretty plates, I've been looking for plates to use for mosaic and hardly ever see those pretty rosy ones.

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  3. These are gorgeous, Jeneta. Such wonderful and unique gifts that cost next to nix. Lucky teachers. The little kitties add a whimsical touch!

  4. love love love them... and you have found gorgeous plates and separaters... glad for the tip of the glue... I have done similar (but much more clunky than yours) but the glue didn't hold....

  5. These are so clever! The kitties are such fun.
    What fa great idea to include the kiddies in your op shop enterprises.
    (do not mix up your kitties with your kiddies)

  6. I love these! Mum and I made some a few years back... A wonderful gift idea! x


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