Tuesday, 18 November 2014

here's one I prepared earlier {glamping quilt}

This is a quilt that I finished last year (or was it the year before?), but have not yet shared.

I think the recent purchase of a family tent prompted me to think of this quilt. Because why camp when you can glamp?
Using a layer cake of Glamping by Mary Jane for Moda, this is a simple quilt pattern. I organized each of the 10" squares into pairs; larger scale prints were paired with a smaller scale print in a contrasting colour. And then I began chopping them up.

 I sliced up each pair with two vertical cuts and two horizontal cuts. 7 pairs ended up with a 4" square in the middle, another 7 pairs with a 4 3/4" square in the middle and the last 7 pairs with a 5 3/4" square. Then each pair played swapsies with its partner; I simply switched over the centre squares for each pair (e.g. red centre with mustard border, mustard centre with red border). I did try and keep those lovely images as whole as possible (who wants half a caravan when you can have a whole one?).
The blue border really is the same colour as the centre square of the previous photo. Truly.
 I sewed up the individual blocks, played around with the placement and then sew the blocks together for a completed top. Done! Well, not quite. It might have sat around for a while before it was quilted and bound. But we don't have to talk about that.
 I used a ticking type fabric on the back and some bright, striped binding after quilting it with large loops.
This is often how it looks when it is on the couch.
I think this is the ideal size for a lap quilt. Or a 'nap' quilt. I like small quilts (in my head a small quilt is a quilt that is not big enough to cover a single bed) to generously cover an adult body when they are sitting on the couch. This includes toes. And enough on the side that you feel well cocooned.
This is as close to a nice fence that I can get!
The weather here has been very warm as we head into summer, so while this quilt isn't being used for snuggling right now, those lovely bright colours look great draped over the arm of the couch!


  1. Oooh....adore those glamping fabrics! Just divine daahling! Gorgeous quilt, Jeneta. Whether curling up on the sofa or indeed glamping out and about, your quilt will add a glorious splash colour! Love it!!

  2. This is so cute, Jeneta! I have a layer cake just waiting for to be made into a quilt, and this might be the one! So jealous of your weather. It's cold and rainy here, and I just want my summer back!

  3. I like the nap/lap quilt size too! Yours look fabulous! So now that you have a tent, are you taking the glamping quilt with you on the camping trip? :)


  4. Yes please Jeneta I'll take some glamping . We are tent campers and sometimes I wonder why :) It is fun but we are old and sleeping on the ground is not usually a good night of sleep. I love your colorful quilt. I have several quilts pinned with square options. I will add yours to the list :) I think they make fun quilts for kids. Easy and colorful. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading and thinking about your summer when winter is chilling us to the bone. Seems to help the winter pass a bit more quickly. Janita

  5. What a great quilt!! The fabrics are so fun and wonderful colours! I like the way you call a lap quilt a nap quilt. :) napping snuggled up in a quilt is one of the best things.


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