Friday, 27 September 2013

Rainbow Girl

A couple of weeks ago I purchased two stitcheries from Wendi at Shiny Happy World who was hosting a Finished Stitches Challenge. The challenge works like this: participants purchase stitcheries from Wendi for a penny plus postage and then turn them into something. I love to sew, but stitching is not something that I have done a lot of (I think it might be because I can sew fast, but I can't stitch fast. I like fast!). So the opportunity to play with someone else's hard work stitcheries was very appealing. Hence my purchase of two!

Eli and I checked the letterbox this morning and  I recognized the postmark on one of the envelopes - my stitcheries! When I was selecting the designs there was no indication of size - part of the surprise woven in to the challenge by Wendi!

I was keen to get going straight away, so I chose 'Rainbow Girl' to use on my first project. She's a cutie - 7cm (2.5") tall and 3cm (1.2") wide on a calico background.

Following a tutorial from Sweet Bee Buzzings (thank you Pinterest!) I made a small, flat bottomed pouch. It measures 13cm (5") long, 8cm (3") high and 5cm (2") deep. It is very, very sweet and I think that it is perfect for my appliqued "Rainbow Girl' - just look at her face!

This is the first pouch that I have made that will stay in our house. While it is nice to gift things, it is also nice to keep things sometimes!

My second stitchery is called 'Beep, beep'. Aptly named. You'll have to see what I make with that one - it is considerably bigger than 'Rainbow Girl' (and there is nothing girly about it!). Any suggestions are very welcome (up until now I have not had any inspiration come to me!). You can see what other participants have made here.

So, are you a stitchery person? After writing this post I have decided that I am not. I am also not a hand quilter. Though I am very good at appreciating other people's hand stitching!


  1. It's very sweet!! Love that you used a striped fabric to pair with the embroidery!

  2. Lovely! Hmmm, I must admit I like a bit of hand stitching - I find it relaxing, but yes, it's much slower than sewing on the machine!

  3. Oh that little girl is so sweet. I'm not sure if I'm really patient enough for stitcheries but I love hand quilting!!

  4. So cute! I used to cross stitch many years ago (still have all of my stuff because I might pick it up again some day). I'm working on hand piecing hexies, but I've never done the kind of stitching that you're doing. Nice work!


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