Sunday, 11 November 2012

Candy Cane Bag

I know I wasn't going to undertake any more projects until Zoe's quilt was finished, but I thought I'd sneak this one in anyway! Using a paper pieced candy cane block from Kristy at Quiet Play, I designed a cute Christmas bag for my Lily. She loves it and it accompanied her to church today. The bag itself is a simple design that can be put together quickly. The bag front can be as simple or as
intricate as you like. I showed Lily all of the blocks that Kristy was offering as part of the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop and asked her to select one. She chose the candy cane (I was not surprised - even though Lily LOVES her fruit and veg, every child loves lollies!). So a candy cane bag it was to be!

The sparkly trim was particularly well received! Of course, I had Zoe choose a block as well.  She chose the bon bon/Christmas cracker because "it looks like a big lolly". I do provide my children with healthy food. Really.

Stay tuned for Zoe's bag! 

Sew Seasonal Blog Hop


  1. What a pretty bag, Lily is very lucky to have such a clever mum :-) I really don't know how you find the time!


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