Friday, 10 July 2015

finish along 2015 {q3}

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Well, I missed the second quarter of this year's finish along, but am back on board for the third quarter.

I'm keeping my list short and realistic. These are the projects that I would like to complete:
1. This quilt. I'm not sure what else to say about it.
2. Zoe and her friend each made a cushion top during the school holidays late last year. Her friend's cushion cover was completed not long after it was started. My own daughter's has been sitting waiting for me. I had started quilting the cushion top, but it looked truly awful! I will unpick my dismal attempt at square stippling and redo it. With round pebbling.
Unfinished. And I'm not showing you the awful quilting!
And that's my list! An achievable two items.


  1. Great, manageable list. Cute pillow, too.

  2. The girls did a wonderful job on those cushions; the fabrics are so pretty. Keep on stitching all those lovely random squares, it is going to unfold into a lovely and whimsical quilt.

  3. The cushion tops look pretty. The unfinished projects will look great once you are done with them. The top one is going to be a perfectly whimsical and cosy quilt :)


  4. You are such a lovely teacher Jeneta. . . .those gals are pretty lucky to have you watching over their shoulders.
    I love random squares quilts too.


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