Sunday, 7 June 2015

tea towel additions

My mum moved to an aged care facility two months ago. As a family it was not entirely easy to make the decision - in partnership with mum - to move her to a facility. Once the decision was made it was over a year before a room became available.
There is a lot of time consuming tasks involved with moving into an aged care facility! For the first four weeks I devoted every spare moment to those tasks and went to bed each night exhausted.

Mum is now settled and our family is very grateful for the lovely staff and beautiful place that is now her home. I consider it a great blessing that mum is living where she is; it is very close to my sister and I and we are able to visit daily. We are thankful to know that she is cared for every day.
As my mum's health has declined, in particular her mobility, there are many things that I have learned about the ageing process. I have learned that it is difficult to grow older and to have a body that doesn't do what it was once able to do. I have learned that an individual's independence is important and losing it is more difficult that can be imagined. I have learned that children can brighten someone's day simply by being there. I have learned that when all is said and done, the gift of time is the most precious thing you can give to someone. A phone call or a visit means so much more than a tangible gift.

I like to think that my children have learned these things as well.

As my sister and I boxed up mum's belongings I came across mum's tea towels. You know how much I love tea towels!  I blogged about some beautiful additions to my collection here. I was delighted to find some linen tea towels that I remembered hanging on the handle of our oven when I was growing up. These are two that I particularly remember. Both would be over 30 years old - I remember spending some considerable time using them during dish duties!
I love linen tea towels and it brought me such joy to see them all flapping in the breeze on my clothes line.
Though they are worn and faded they are still wonderful at drying dishes!
Do you like tea towels? Do you display them or are you happy to use them?


  1. Hi Jeneta what a lovely caring post and it makes one stop and think and for that i thank you. Oh i do love your mum's tea towels and even more so that they bought back lovely memories for you xx

  2. so good you were able to help your mum through this process... emotional for all of you.... I love the old linen towels too.. they last so well...

  3. Oh Jeneta, what a beautiful, heartfelt post. Your mum is very lucky to have you all there to look after her <3 <3 <3 The tea towels are a perfect addition to your collection - and not just because they are linen and have pretty patterns, but of course because of the wonderful memories they bring back. xxx

  4. Your prose in this post is so heartwarming. I'm going to bookmark this post. ;-)
    I have some of my grandmother's linen kitchen towels which I treasure. I used them for a while, but now they are packed away. When we move into our own house someday, they will be put back into rotation in the kitchen.

  5. What a great post with a beautiful message. It's great to hear your mother is settled and close enough for you to visit everyday. You know I'm a fan of tea towels and the ones you have shown are fabulous!! In a way I prefer finding used ones because then I'm happier about using them, the new pristine ones I've got folded in a stack in my cupboard where I admire them occasionally. I have a couple of favourites hanging on the wall in my kitchen too.

  6. Hi Jeneta - Your post has been just so beautiful to read - yes indeed it's a hard process for everyone - it's good that your Mum was able to be part of that decision-making - it's all part of life but by golly that doesn't make it any easier. Thank you for sharing.

    As for the tea towels - oh I love tea towels! Love love love! And yes on the rare time I see one in a 2nd hand shop I buy it - linen ones are so good - & I add it to my already bursting collection of them... or maybe I should say it's a hoarding!!

  7. Glad to hear that your mum has found a new home.
    Ohhhh I love a good tea towel. When we go on a trip I always try to get a new tea towel.

  8. That photo of the wee hand and the aged one, has done me in.
    Beautiful Jeneta. xx


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