Sunday, 5 April 2015

snowball quilt kit {gift}

After seeing this post on Terry's blog I decided that I needed a snowball quilt. It was the perfect 2-for-1; use up lots of scraps while making a lovely quilt.

I chose this layout, as it used the greatest number of scraps in the layout.
Photo from Terry's Treasures blog post.
I don't particularly enjoy the cutting part of the quilting process (though I like it more than basting!), so I knew that if I wanted to ensure that I finished this project I should cut all my fabric first. That meant cutting close to 600 2.5" squares.

No problem. The excitement of a new project always overcomes any less enjoyable aspects of it. I was doing quite well about two weeks after I started cutting. And then cutting 2.5" squares of fabric became complete drudgery.
It was then that I decided that my friend would love one of these quilts too. And it was her birthday soon. So I switched my focus to cutting up squares for her. The timing was perfect, as my initial enthusiasm had started to wane totally gone. A new motivation got me back into gear and I finished cutting 590 2.5" squares from scraps and 45, 6" white-on-white squares two days before her birthday.

This is how I kept my sanity track.
My idea was to gift a snowball quilt 'kit'. I sewed up a sample 9 patch and a snowball blocks.
I popped the components in a box so that my friend could keep her kit contained until she was ready to begin.

The box was a tad small, but everything fitted in eventually.
What do you think? Do you like the idea of quilt kits where the fabric is pre cut? Or are you a bit crazy and love to spend hours cutting up fabric?


  1. Great idea...I'm sure your friend will love it! :0)

  2. that's a fantastic gift...... and what lovely happy scraps you have got...

  3. I love cutting up fabric, but I still think your kit is a great idea, especially for those friends who never quite get around to starting a quilt.

  4. That is a great idea to make a kit for someone! Cute presentation too in that little box!--Linnea

  5. Oh .. "win-win" I'd say.
    Clever you . . and you have shared some gorgeous fabrics. I have an interstate friend with a bad shoulder and wrist . . she pays someone to cut her fabric. This is such a good do it for her!

  6. What a lovely gift idea. The snowball design looks so pretty.

  7. Stupendous idea. I'd take one gladly. It will make a great memory of you quilt cause you worked on it together.

  8. It's funny sometimes I love cutting and other times I hate it. It's such a fun and clever idea to give a friend a kit! She'll have a wonderful time discovering the great mix of fabrics you've included.

  9. I think it is so sweet that you did the cutting for your friend and created a customized quilt kit. The only thing I don't like about kits is the sameness of all the quilts which a customized kit avoids. Let us know what she thinks.


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