Sunday, 8 March 2015

bee blocks and pay it forward

I know I have mentioned that I signed up for two quilting bees this year. This is the February block for the Bee Hive Swarm that I was allocated to. In this quilting bee the queen bee chooses from a selected list of blocks when it is her month to receive blocks from everyone else in the swarm.
This is the March block for the other quilting bee I am participating in. I have made these blocks once before for another bee a few years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed making them then and I thoroughly enjoyed making this one now.
I loved this block so much that I made one for myself as well!
In making this block you end up with some triangles after trimming. The queen bee that requested this block has a thing for half square triangles, so I sent them to her as well.
What's that lovely bright green background the blocks are on I hear you ask? Why that's my new chair!
We recently had a roadside collection and some neighbours were getting rid of some wooden chairs. The kids thought it was somewhat hilarious watching Zoe and I manouvre the chair into our people mover amongst all the school bags. Tim surprised me with a beautifully sanded and painted chair. I chose the colour (I nearly chose orange) and love it!
I have returned the dining chair I have been using for years back to it's rightful place and and now sew while sitting on my lovely green chair. I think I might make a cushion for it someday!

Now, just a follow up from my pay it forward post. Thank you to Terry and Wendy for volunteering to 'play'. I will be sending you something hand made during the next 12 months - when you least expect it!


  1. I love your chair! And I love surprises...I can't wait! :0)

  2. What a beautiful chair. I predict it will look even better when you've made a cushion ... I'm imagining all the funky fabric choices you probably have in your stash! Oooh, really like the aqua and yellow block, and the cross block in navy and orange. Also, it looks super-cute in the children fabric :-)

  3. Such fun bee blocks!! I love the one with little retro children. I love your chair, it's such a cool shape and the colour is fun!! I have a collection of chairs and other furniture that I've found on the side of the road, some of it still needs fixing up which Phil always reminds me of when I see more things.

  4. Alas . . . despite many positives . . .I am married to an "if you bring home any more junk I'll divorce you" . . kind of guy.
    Hell would freeze over before he would sand and paint any of my "treasures" . . . . I love hard dump day!!!!
    Re-loving old furniture is fun and your chair is so gorgeous! Imagine the stories it could tell!
    Your retro kiddies block is beautiful too. Very pretty blocks.

  5. I love your bee blocks, they are filled with whimsy, fun and colour! Love your gorgeous, green chair; such a find! We are always shoving others' cast off treasures into our van whilst out and about.

  6. What a great road-side find Jeneta! Well done.
    There is never anything but absolute junk in my area, nothing worth wrestling home, so that chair looks like gold to me...

  7. The green chair looks great and so do your bee blocks! Wonderfully fun colours and prints!!



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