Monday, 25 November 2013

Teacher Gift : Edible Pencils

A friend sent me a Pinterest link for some fabulous pencils made out of Rolo chocolates. We both decided to make some to give as teacher gifts. Do you think we could find Rolo chocolates anywhere? The only Rolos in sight were the large family blocks. I'm not complaining about the family size (if they were for me to eat!), but they were the wrong shape for pencils.

So we used these delicious things.

My friend did all the work - she made them first! Zoe actually did all the work for ours - I'm terribly good at supervising!

These are the materials and dimensions that we used for each pencil:

Roll of Rolo or Cadbury chocolate
Hershey's Kiss (we got ours from Red Dot Stores in Australia)
Corrugated cardboard, 13cm (5") x 8cm (3 1/8")
Pink cardboard, 2cm (1") x 8cm (3 1/8")

Pink cardboard circles - 2.5cm (1") in diameter
Silver cardboard, 1cm (0.5") x 10cm (4")

You could also use aluminium foil instead of the silver cardboard.

We used double sided sticky tape to attach everything, but I would actually recommend using hot glue for its strength (everything kept popping off, so we had to put lots and lots of sticky tape on it).

Attach the Hershey's Kiss to the end of the Rolo/Cadbury roll

Sticky tape (regular tape is fine!) the pink rectangle of cardboard to the width end of the corrugated cardboard on the inside (wrong side). This makes the eraser part of the pencil.

Roll the corrugated cardboard (with its 'eraser' extension) around the Rolo/Cadbury roll. Hot glue in place.

Attach the strips of silver cardboard over the join where the corrugated cardboard and 'eraser' meet. Hot glue in place.

Hot glue the circular cardboard on the end.

I think these make the perfect teacher gift!


  1. That is such a cool idea! They look fantastic!

  2. Another clever teacher's present!! My your teachers are spoilt!! The teachers will be clamouring to have your children in their classes next year!!

  3. Oh my golly, that is such a fun idea!! They look so fabulous!! And sooo perfect for teachers gifts.

  4. Haha! I had the same problem trying to make rolo cookies for Madeline's bday party. You'll never guess where I ended up finding them- the reject shop! No one else had them, and I searched high and low, in every shop you can think of! :)


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