Saturday, 16 July 2016

those purple bags

Want to know what was in those bags?
It's a bit gloomy here at the moment - it is winter after all - so this photo doesn't depict the bright, cheery colours as they really are.

We had a dozen girls spend a morning with us during the week tie dying shirts. Since tie dying is not really a group activity, while they were waiting for their turn with me at the kitchen sink we (well, Zoe!) organised some other activities for them to do.

In addition to some board games, the girls enjoyed making a flextangle (these are very cool - have a look at the video on how to make one!),

 painted mints using food colouring and a toothpick,
decorated biscuits 
 and made a Christmas tree ornament (it's never too early to start preparing for Christmas, right?) using a rubber bouncy ball, pins, beads and sequins.
We had lots of fun! But I am glad to be rid of the purple bags from my kitchen!


  1. Awesome tie dye tshirts!! They look great! You and Zoe are so clever to come up with so many different fun activities!!

  2. Super clever makes Jeneta!
    Hope Term 3 is just as much fun as a weekend :)

  3. Great job coming up with such fun activities for a dozen girls!! Everything looks fabulous!!


  4. Love the tie dye tshirts,well done Jeneta.


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