Wednesday, 18 January 2017

under 35's quilt competition {lily}

Hi, It's Zoe here! Today I am posting a second post about our Brother Under 35's Quilt Competition entries.

Lily also entered the Brother Under 35's quilt competition (see the post on my quilt here).

This is Lily's first quilt and one of her first sewing projects. She sketched her design before beginning to sew.

Mum helped her to work out the maths for each block.
Lily interpreted the competition theme of 'My State' by responding with the colours that she associated with Western Australia. A combination of red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple solids were pieced together to make the individual blocks.

Untrimmed blocks.
Completed quilt top.
Preparing to baste.
Lily backed the quilt in a solid purple. The quilt is quilted in numerous wavy lines in selected colours from the Alison Glass Essential collection.

Lily's quilt measures 33 x 50cm (13 x 19.6in).
A short paragraph describing the  quilt was one of the requirements when completing the application process for the competition. This is what Lily wrote:

I designed my quilt to show the colours of WA. The squares are windows looking through to the colours. The colours represent the sunset, native flowers, ocean, grass, sun and earth. The wavy line quilting respresents the wind and waves.

Lily is yet to give a name to this quilt. Do you have any suggestions?


  1. That is lovely. What about "colorbox"

  2. Lily! This is gorgeous! Such careful and precise stitching make it worthy of any modern quilt show. Well Done!
    "See My World" .... ?

  3. That is such a lovely quilt!! Love the symbolism. Well done, Lily!! Thank you for presenting the quilt so beautifully, Zoe :)


  4. What A great quilt. I enjoyed seeing Lily's design process from her drawings to sewing it. What she wrote about the quilt is wonderful too!! I wonder what she'll decide to call the quilt?


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