Saturday, 5 March 2016

1960's dress ups

Before my mum moved into a care facility I was at her house sorting through a few things when I came across some dress ups that we had as kids. I am one of four children and I was born in the 70's, so I don't know exactly how old these are. What do you think? The 60's? 50's? I have a feeling these belonged to my grandmother. I should ask my mum!
Is this a dressing gown? I'm guessing you wouldn't want to forget to put your pj's on first!
Both are a little worse for wear play, but I love them! They brought back some childhood memories that made me smile. I remember dressing up in these quite a lot during my younger years.

That lime green colour is making a comeback!
Thank you to Lily for (reluctantly) modelling these precious items.
As a child I would always choose to wear a head scarf or fabric hair band if I didn't have to tie my hair back. How groovy is that print? I really wish that I still had all my child hood hair accessories. I'd love to wear them now.

Do you have any items of clothing from your parents or grandparents era? I just remembered a 1970's Robin Hood Green stretchy polyester number hanging in my wardrobe that I feel like putting on...


  1. I don't have any parent or grand parent clothes but my grandchildren are now wearing clothes my children played dress up in. They smile when they see their own children wearing clothes they once played in. It is fun to see them enjoy them so much. They head straight to the dress up box when ever they are at Nanny's house. So guess some things you just can't throw away ; ) Janita

  2. That is a gorgeous scarf! Reminds me of some my mum used to wear in that era ...

  3. Hi Jeneta... yep, the robe is definitely for wearing over the top of sleepwear/nightie!
    Mum & I kept some stunning dresses & items from her Mum and also my great aunt - it's gorgeous stuff - I wore a few times a dress that belonged to my Nan

  4. These are such fun, I bet it's fun to play dress ups again. The scarf is a beauty! I love vintage clothes and have lots in my wardrobe, none from my family though. I asked about my mothers wedding dress once and was told it was made to use other clothing, they were pretty thrifty about making things to use.


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