Monday, 20 October 2014

zoe's quilt

Zoe's entry.
Zoe's quilt progress. Making half square triangles.
Zoe's original inspiration came from Christa's Charming Chevrons.
Christa's Charming Chevrons quilt.
Zoe used 5" squares to make the half square triangles. As she was putting the half square triangle units together Zoe decided to change the layout.

I didn't have use of my sewing machine for some time, as I allowed Zoe to have preference. This was usually in the evening before going to bed (and after homework and other responsibilities were completed). As per the rules of the competition, the quilt had to be sewn entirely by Zoe. It took quite a while!
I think I was as excited as Zoe was when it was time for the binding to be sewn on.
 Nearly there!
 Zoe machine quilted this quilt using a walking foot. She left the white areas unquilted. The coloured chevrons were quilted in lines that were randomly spaced.
I am very proud of her persistence. And willingness to unpick stitches when needed.
The back.
 Unlike her mother, Zoe remembered to label her quilt.
  Zoe is already planning her next quilt!


  1. Zoe's quilt is so wonderful!!! I love the colours and the layout she chose and I'm impressed that she did everything including the quilting. Well done Zoe!!

  2. What an amazing quilt stitched by your Zoe! Well done Zoe on your creative layout, clever stitching, persistence and the fabulous dance of fabrics, design and colour. 'Tis a clever girl that you are. Well done!!

  3. well done to Zoe, what a beautiful quilt...

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! A huge congratulations once again to Zoe for having the persistence to persevere with finishing off such a large project - well done Zoe!

  5. Oh That is fantastic Zoe!
    Congratulations...such a beautiful and remarkable achievement.

  6. Great job, Zoe!! I like hers even better. It has a wonderful movement with a 3D effect. Beautiful!


  7. Woo Hoo Congratulations Zoe! Your quilt is amazing... great colours, great quilting, beautifully matched points... very clever!
    And Jeneta, you're wonderful to give Zoe the support in her sewing, it's better than sitting in front of telly or x-box!

  8. Hurray for you Zoe!!!! You did an amazing job with your HST. So beautiful with all the bright colors. How old are you Zoe? I am so impressed that you did the quilting as well. Super Duper :)

  9. Well done beautiful Zoe! I am so proud of you! I brought your mum a quilting book today and I have a feeling your next project is in there. xx


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